Bradley Robinson

Founder, Builder, Mathematician


Building innovative structures since the early 90's Bradley has gradually built a comprehensive knowledge of what true sustainability looks like in the built environment. Addressing the big issues such as waste and climate change Brad has merged these issues into a cost effective structure that provides a smart technology platform for the 21st century.


Myles Jones



myles bio pic blknwhite.jpg

Myles is co-developing a transitional vision, cultivating a synergy between Urban Mining and Mass-Market housing, on a linear scale.


Perry Zavitz  




Shooting professionally for 20 years coupled with a profound love for the planet has led Perry to SHE where his skills in communication through photography, graphic design and the written word have found symbiotic bliss.


Andrew Mckay

Professional Builder


Andrew Mckay is a professional builder, living and working around Wakefield Quebec since 2002. He has invoiced over 15000 hours in the realms of residential construction, consultation, research, development, design, and education. Inspired by Permaculture, he intends to help evolve a healthy sustainable culture.